Architecture with yarns

For more than a decade Lomans is working with the Textile Lab of the Dutch Textile Museum. Recently Lomans is working on two new tapestries series. The Nocturne series and the Im Abendrot series. It depicts our surroundings in colours that seems to shifts from gold into blue and from blue into gold.

This is how the Nocturne series of wall carpets poetically captures transience. As in an Erik Satie inspired musical nocturne, he paints in textile a nocturnal dreamscape of abstracted withering flowers, conjuring the contours of the composition in the scarce deep blue night light. It is as if he lifted the abstract nature from a Vanitas painting.

After this slumber, follows the magical Golden Hour that Lomans has developed into shimmering warm red golden wall carpets, titled Im Abendrot. Inspired by the eponymous and deeply moving romantic musical piece by Richard Strauss and referring to Turners exquisite, delicately painted skies at sunrise or sunset.

For Lomans weaving feels as an architectural approach with yarns. Using, warmth, depth and colour as it’s building blocks.