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Interdisciplinary approach

Studio JKL

Jan Koen Lomans is an interdisciplinary visual artist working with nature as a contemplative motive for his research and collaboration projects. He depicts this theme in a range of ways, by making it tangible in installations.

To Lomans collaboration is key and a necessity to transform his innovative ideas into artwork and installations. Work that contains his fascination with the cosmos, consciousness and quantum physics and how we look at natural phenomena.

Already from an early age Jan Koen Lomans has wondered about the complexity of nature, how vast and yet invisibly small it is at the same time, and how we relate to the most wonderful natural phenomena. What are mysterious and abstract themes to most, he depicts and renders in various ways, into tangible and comprehensible installations. He does not only offer a sacred place to the natural phenomena, he simultaneously creates a tranquil environment, leaving room for the viewer for wonderment and contemplation.

His remarkable interest in synchronicity, in the meaning of coincidence, is expressed in his research and applied techniques. The start of the creation process Lomans leaves as open as a blanc canvas, and then slowly starts to write on it. By letting go of control there is ample of space for unexpected, surprising twists. Only at a much later stage Lomans starts to work towards an end result. This is how image and story come together in an organic manner and present themselves as brand new insights.


Text by Jan Koen Lomans Viveka van de Vliet/Translation Lee Rammelt

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