2011 Pour Ground|Rich Souls-Gallery Jaap Sleper  

Financieel Dagblad – Gallery-Poor Ground|Rich Souls

Jan Koen Lomans stretches out his drawings in textile into the third dimension

Jan Koen Lomans is fond of drawing and he likes distinct paper sizes: small and square, but also monumentally high. With an etching needle or a piece of charcoal he evokes atmospheric images of grand vistas and dusky landscapes. At the same time, shapes appear that are reminiscent of flowers, birds, a skull or the moon.

The drawings form a starting point for other kinds of work. Lomans uses finely meshed polyester which he incorporates layer upon layer. He calls them ‘molten works’: a flame determines how the gauzes distort, disappear or transform into a withering calyx.

Since acquiring the possibility to work on a larger scale using the looms at the Textielmuseum in Tilburg, it seems that Lomans has spread his wings. There the transcience and impermanence of bloom and decay that fascinate him acquire a new, more pronounced form. Gallery 10 shows the result: otherworldy tapestries of undulating tufted wool and shiny copper-coloured thread.

The front and back of the textile works demand attention and may be seen. The sheets sway from the ceiling or are hung loosely from the wall and look like banks of cloud from which images emerge regularly. Intimate and at the same time gigantic, always atmospheric and partly determined by aleatory, but with a stronger presence.
Weaving is more restrictive than drawing: it demands more preparation and the technique determines the possibilities. Lomans explores the space within these boundaries. He plays with contrasts and materials like an illustrator and remains open to coincidence. In fact he stretches his drawings into the third dimension. And coincidence or not, with weaving Lomans seems to have exchanged the twilight for powder-like shades over which the revealing sunlight shines. As if a new life-cycle has begun.


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