2016 Cosmic Garden in Collaboration with Marc Mulders  

The Cosmic Garden

In the attic of the Kazerne, Lomans and Mulders present their latest collaboration: the installation ‘Cosmic Garden’. They are both inspired by the same leading motif: transformation, derived from the course of nature.
‘Cosmic Garden’ is a representation of the cosmic cycle: the cycle that has formed the Universe, galaxies, stars, planets and finally ourselves.

Lomans explains ‘where meaningful coincidences flourish and the law of gravity is established, we find the origination of what there is now. It’s the consequence of helium and hydrogen that is moulded by gravity. And started to form the source of the universe’.

The installation is build up with Lomans his alchemistic cosmic stellar structures formed by fusing glass, textile and graphite. Mulders painted glass are ‘cut outs’ of starry nights. Surrounding a Mandala in the heart of the installation.

Imaginative forms of chaotic stellar structures, gas clouds, clusters and Mandala’s as planetary rings form the ‘Cosmic Garden.’ The installation consists of seven circles and each circle represents a universe, which embodies their own colour.

The biggest circle, with a diameter of 3.5 meters is in the form of a Rose window. According to Mulders, this Rose window can be seen as a western Mandala; “Every culture shapes signs for practice of meditation and contemplation in the form, stream and appearance of a Mandala. Mandalas are drawn or engraved into parchment, sand or stone. In Western (art) you could say that the Rose window in the Cathedral represents the Mandala and has been molded out of light. The feast of the sparkling spheres opens up the glare of the glass stained rose window which suggests the idea of dew drops on a starry night; as the Mandala represents omnipresence of space, and is the connection between the micro and macro cosmos; from atom to the universe.”


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