2012 Het Gebouw-MOA  

Exhibiting artist: Armando, Aaron van Erp, Amie Dicke, Anne Wenzel, Anya Gallaccio, Couzijn van Leeuwen, Frank Halmans, Jan Koen Lomans, Jasper Hagenaar, Karin van Dam, Rutger Zuydervelt, Tanja Smeets, Thijs Ebbe Fokkens

With Het Gebouw, Museum Oud Amelisweerd finds itself in an intermediate phase: the restoration of the shell of the house has been completed and the restoration of the wallpapers and the museum adaptation is about to begin. For a very brief time, Oud Amelisweerd is the building with bare corridors and empty rooms.

A journey through the bare corridors and empty rooms of Oud Amelisweerd gives rise to reflection and contemplation and imparts an unavoidable sense of melancholy.
The works in Het Gebouw reflect this melancholy, reflect the hidden histories of Oud Amelisweerd’s house and garden. Het Gebouw also gives us a preview of the new inhabitant: the collection of works by Armando, the master of melancholy, the master of history and of the resurgent need to create new stories and new identities.
In addition to Armando, twelve other artists are represented in Het Gebouw. They, too, are relating to the bare corridors and empty rooms of Oud Amelisweerd during this interval between the Alteration of the Old and the Not Quite New. They are relating to the hidden history and new identity of Oud Amelisweerd, and they join in giving shape to this identity. A number of works were created especially for this project.

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