COSMIC GARDEN in collaboration with Marc Mulders  


At the moment we are working on Cosmic garden an installation of light and glass that will be exhibited at the Kazerne during the Dutch Design Week.

In the attic of the Kazerne Lomans and Mulders present their latest collaboration. The installation Cosmic Garden. Both inspired by the same leitmotif. The course of nature; transformation.
Cosmic garden is a representation of the cosmic cycle, the cycle that has formed the universe, galaxies, the stars, the planets and finally ourselves.

Mulders concentric lines and Lomans ‘amorphous’ shapes make this cosmic garden as a sacred place of the forces of nature; Regulation by randomness and chaos with beauty as result.


Studio JKL is transforming towards an interdisciplinary studio.

Keen on Collaboration and materiality. We are currently working on a new website.
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