BKKC supports research on fusing glass and textile  

BKKC (Brabant knowledge center art and culture) supports our research on fusing glass and textile. The research is in collaboration with GBB glass company and honored with a BKKC Impulse Grant.

Part of the project focus on creating an Art (Glass) installation called Cosmic Garden. The installation will count 19 enlightened glass objects in a diameter of 50, 100 and 140 cm.

Cosmic garden is a new project of Lomans zooming out towards the Universe surrounding us.

The essence of the work ‘Cosmic Garden’ is to reduce the cosmos to a garden that we can see- feel and walk through. And to think, rethink, what we are in this nature of our bigger surroundings. In this way the installation is more mend as contemplation, a spiritual endeavor, to embark our mental journey.

IMG_5070 IMG_5076


Studio JKL is transforming towards an interdisciplinary studio.

Keen on Collaboration and materiality. We are currently working on a new website.
Let’s meet on the borders of disciplines.

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